PTE Summarize written text tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

PTE Summarize written text tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

PTE Summarize written text tips tricks strategies get 65+


Today I’m going to share with you PTE Summarize written text tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+. As we know PTE writing module has two tasks: Summarize written text and Essay writing. Summarize written text is most important to get more than 79 bands in writing module. You will get a paragraph of 200-300 words. You will have to make a good summary from this paragraph which represents all key points of paragraph. You will have 10 minutes to read, find out key points, and writing a summary. You have to write it within 5-75 words.

Written summarize text becomes quite bit difficult for those who don’t have good reading skills. It is just because they couldn’t able to find the main key points in it. But there are some tips and tricks that we can use and can get full marks in this module easily. Before introducing this, I would like to tell you that summarize written text has 10 marks of Reading and 10 marks of writing. So, your well chosen key points will also give you 10 marks of reading. Here are some tips with what you can get full marks in writing as well as in reading through written summarize text.

PTE Summarize written text tips

For Reading- Firstly, you have to read the paragraph carefully. Try to find the main topic of the paragraph. Then, don’t need to be puzzle to think about the whole paragraph. Just find out the main key point from the paragraphs which supports the main topic. Just try to find out 4 or 5 sentence which support the text completely. Then, make a one sentence from these 4-5 sentence which represents its main idea and supporting points. You should use connectors to make a good summary. Making summary like this will definitely let you to get full marks of reading. Here are some connectors that you can use to make good summary-








In addition,

Apart from it,


Not only this,

For writing- You can easily get full marks of writing through it. All you just to make your summary good in grammar, spelling, discourse wise. You have to use more passive and combined sentence in order to make your summary more effective. Also, you need to use some vocabulary words in your summary to get higher marks. Because having a good vocabulary also helps you to increase your writing score. You just need to add 2-3 vocabulary words in each summary. If your summary is properly written with perfect grammar, spelling, and written. There is nothing to stop you in getting full marks.

Here was the main PTE Summarize written text tips tricks strategies to get good score. If you have any question. Please write down in the comment section. We will be there for you shortly. Thank you.

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