PTE Writing task, PTE Essay Writing tips, Grammar tips

PTE Writing task, PTE Essay Writing tips, Grammar tips

PTE Writing task, PTE Essay Writing tips, Grammar tips

Here are some general points that apply to all PTE Writing task like PTE Essay Writing tips, Grammer tips and will impact your score.

  • The Grammer used in sentences should be correct.
  • Punctuation should be on point.
  • Vocabulary should be diverse. Use of same words repeatedly is best avoided.
  • Summaries and essays should have some structure and logical flow to it, especially if more than 1 sentence.
  • Type your practice answers in MS Word, Outlook or any other writing software, so that basic grammatical or spelling mistake can be identified. You may want to consider using ‘Grammarly” App to check your Essays/Summaries for basic grammar errors. This will help you become more self-aware of any issues in your writing. Although this tool isn’t perfect as it doesn’t pick up all errors, it is something that is good to have during practice.

PTE Essay Writing (20mins)

What to expect

In this section, you have 20 minutes to write an Essay on the topic given. You are judged on how well you develop a position, organize your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. Your essay should be between 200-300 words. There will usually be a single essay question in the exam.

PTE Essay Writing tips

Here, we discuss PTE Essay Writing tips. It is a good idea to take the first minute or two to plan your essay out. During this time you should create a rough outline and consider points you will be covering. Your essay should be divided into 3 or 4 logical paragraphs. Firstly, the introductory paragraph, where you will introduce the subject of the essay using some basic information or facts.This should also talk about what you are going to write about. These paragraphs should clearly tackle any points noted down and which you have been asked to cover in the question. Examples and support sentences should be included here. The conclusion should emphasize and summarize what you have been asked to present. You can also add in your thoughts on the future and the way forward.

Grammar tips

You want to eliminate any chances of grammatical mistakes while writing as an increased error count will have an impact on your score. As recommended, you can practice this by writing your practice essays into Microsoft word. It usually does a good job of picking up any basic mistakes. For those of you who use Outlook at work, pay attention to anything highlighted by the editor. Consider turning off auto-correction so you are more aware of your mistakes.

Important Grammar Rules for PTE Reading Section

After performing a few practice essays you will have a fair idea of any grammatical areas that need your attention. Do a quick brushup on any part that is giving you issues or you are unsure of. Once these are cleared, you are good to go.

Below are tips of the couple of very basic rules that I have seen test takers without typing knowledge get wrong.

A comma(,)when used should be placed directly after the word and then you leave a space.

These days, there is ……CORRECT

These days , there is …..INCORRECT

A period(.)should come directly after the last word and you need to leave a single space after it.

It was a new language. The……CORRECT

It was a new language. The…..INCORRECT

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