Line engraving cold Speaking task Read aloud 23 practice

Line engraving cold Speaking task Read aloud 23 practice

Line engraving cold Speaking task Read aloud 23 practice

116. Read aloud

Line engraving on metal, which, to a great extent, was a development of the goldsmith’s craft of ornamenting armor and precious metals, did not emerge as a print-making technique until well into the 15th century. Copper, the metal mainly used for engraving, was expensive, and engraving itself was laborious and took a long time.

117. Read aloud

For the first two or three years after the Second World War, a new title would often sell out within a few months of publication. However, unless public demand for the book was unusually high, they were rarely able to reprint it. With paper stocks strictly rationed, they could not afford to use up precious paper or tie up their limited capital with a reprint.

118. Read aloud

The Atlantic coast of the peninsula can be thought of as the cold side, and the sea on this coast tends to be clear and cold, with a variety of seaweeds growing along the rocky shoreline. On a hot day, however, this cold water can be very refreshing and is said to be Jess hospitable to sharks, which prefer warmer waters.

119. Read aloud

All the works of art shown in this exhibition were purchased on a shoestring budget. The criteria that the curators had to follow were that works must be acquired cheaply, appeal to a broad range of tastes, and fit with unusual environments. Thus, many of our better known modern artists are not represented.

120. Read aloud

Foam-filled furniture is very dangerous if it catches fire, and foam quickly produces a high temperature, thick smoke and poisonous gases – including carbon monoxide. Therefore, set levels of fire resistance have been established for new and second-hand upholstered furniture and other similar products.

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