Hair experience Speaking task exercise Read aloud 24 practice

Hair experience Speaking task exercise Read aloud 24 practice

Hair experience Speaking task exercise Read aloud 24 practice

121. Read aloud

The starting point of Bergson’s theory is the experience of time and motion. Time is the reality we experience most directly, but this doesn’t mean that we can capture this experience mentally. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. The only reality is the present, which is real through our experience.

122. Read aloud

It is important to note that saving is not the same as investment. Saving is about cash, while investment is about real product. The difference is important because money, being liquid, can leak out of the economic system – which it does when someone who is putting aside unspent income keeps it under the mattress.

123. Read aloud

Historically, the low level of political autonomy of the cities in China is partly a result of the early development of the state bureaucracy. The bureaucrats played a major role in the growth of urbanization, but were also able to control its subsequent development and they never completely gave up this control.

124. Read aloud

Writers may make the mistake of making all their sentences too compact. Some have made this accusation against the prose of Gibbon. An occasional loose sentence prevents the style from becoming too formal and allows the reader to relax slightly. Loose sentences are common in easy, unforced writing, but it is a fault when there are too many of them.

125. Read aloud

There is a long history of rulers and governments trying to legislate on men’s hair – both the length of the hair on their heads and the style of facial hair. For practical reasons, Alexander the Great insisted his soldiers be clean-shaven, but Peter the Great of Russia went further, insisting no Russians had beards.

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