Reading Multiple choice choose single answer questions 1

Reading Multiple choice choose single answer questions 1

Reading Multiple choice choose single answer questions 1

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

1.There are two things in nature we have no doubt about our existence and the outside world. But there is somethings which makes us aware of these two elements and that is our thought. Whatever we sense, our conclusions, our fears and aspirations, all revolve concerning our thinking. Our flesh and bones cannot perceive things in nature. It is the proficiency of our thoughts alone. Even a physically disabled man subsequent to a sane mind gets critical thought. So there is some great power that picks impressions. So there is some great concludes ideas, and gives reasoning and judgment. And that power is the power of thinking. This is definite “I myself”. This “I myself” has and existence apart from its creature realism. It is the real self or person who deals with others in society. Its creature body is a medium through which he can verbalize his thoughts. The real person is embodied in the thoughts of the personality.

Question: What is the real “I myself”?

a. Our flesh and bones

b. Our existence vis-a-vis the outside world

c. Our power of contemplation

d. Our reasoning and judgment.


2. Thinking about work is the beginning of one of the happiest and most useful of our experiences. Through work comes to us the pleasure of a growing knowledge of the great world and its wonders, the delight of intercourse with other people and the happiness of friendship with our fellow workers. Work well done is a doorway to whatever good things we most desire. Best of all, perhaps, is the satisfaction of feeling that we are useful citizens. Today we have a wide field from which to choose our particular form of occupation. To choose wisely is a duty we owe to ourselves and to our motherland – to ourselves, because a wise choice helps to secure our happiness in work; to our motherland, because she has a tight to the best we can offer her in return fro the peace and freedom in which we live under her laws.

Question: Apart from addition to knowledge and friend-ship, what other pleasure does work provide us?

a. Experience

b. Communication

c. Satisfaction

d. Patriotism


Question 1:- c. Our power of contemplation

Question 2: b. Communication

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