Reading Re-order paragraphs sample practice amount of plastic

Reading Re-order paragraphs sample practice 44

# Reading Re-order paragraphs sample practice 44

The text boxes below have been placed in random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

1. re-order

a) FremantleMedia’s making of Picnic at Hanging Rocky for Foxtel and Amazon Prime will have its world television premiere on 6 May on Foxtel.

b) “Rich with insights on the human condition, it is tender for arras adaptation with large ocular potential and scale,” Porter said.

c) FremantleMedia’s producer of serial, Jo Porter, said the Deep North was a compelling universal chapter made for TV.

d) No commentator is yet connected to this project, a spokesman for FremantleMedia said.

e) “At its basic is a deadly powerful examination of the many ways of love, manufacture through the crucible of war.”

2. re-order

a) The solution to this is to simply remove it.

b) In fact, many consumers will actually avoid these types of packaged foods.

c) For items such as frozen foods, or convenience snacks, the plastics used would better comply with environmental standards if they were produced from recycled material.

d) There are many issues with waste and pollution in the food industry.

e) A major topic is the amount of plastic used for fresh produce.

f) There is simply no reason to place a banana on a foam tray wrapped with plastic.

g) While the benefit of keeping food fresh longer is there, the damage being done to the environment is becoming more relevant.

3. re-order

a) “You can’t understand it unless you’re over, under, and around it.”

b) Like the best architects of his generation, Holl marries social and environmental responsibility to aesthetic ambition.

c) But today’s architectural monuments aren’t meant only to be admired from afar.

d) “It’s not about creating an icon, but shaping public space,” says Steven Holl, referring to the Linked Hybrid, the eight-tower residential-office-retail complex his firm designed in Beijing.

e) The Linked Hybrid is also “ultragreen,” Holl notes, pointing to the 655 geothermal wells beneath the buildings that provide heating and cooling.

4. re-order

a) once-sleepy harbour, captivating locals and luring visitors with its kaleidoscopic façade of multicolour glass.

b) At night, exterior LED strips to activate, transforming the waterfront landmark into a shimmering beacon of beauty.

c) Even before its official opening, this gemlike venue breathed new life into the Icelandic capital’s

d) The crystalline shell, conceived by artist Olafur Eliasson, wonderfully complements the structure’s aggregate of jagged, geometric volumes.

5. re-order

a) And while some of their arguments have reasons behind them, a lot of the time the amount of plastic wrap is needlessly excessive.

b) While the eco-minded consumers want it to be as minimal as possible manufacturers often fire back that they don’t want their products

c) to start decomposing in the store or become an easy target to shoplifters and put many layers of wasteful and entirely unnecessary plastic wrapping.

d) Product packaging solutions often become the subjects of heated debates.

6. re-order

a) Indeed, over-bagging of food items has reached epidemic levels.

b) It is common to see food packaged inside cling wrap, inside a plastic container, inside a box, inside a bag.

c) As The National reported yesterday, over-wrapped food items are a principal source of the mounds of unnecessary waste that wind up in the nation’s landfills.

d) This overkill confronts us at the hypermarket, the fancy restaurant and the takeaway counter at the mall.

e) A plastic sack for a single packet of gum surely seems excessive, but in shops in the UAE, it’s reflexive.

7. re-order

a) Sandwich shops could promote “green lunches”, charging a bit more for items packaged in more costly sustainable containers.

b) Or these same shops could offer discounts to those dining in.

c) For instance, could be encouraged to offer discounts to customers who purchase reusable mugs and fill them up at the shop.

d) The solution, therefore, is for business leaders to come up with ways to promote more sustainable packaging or practices.

e) If done correctly, new strategies could also increase business and encourage brand loyalty. Coffee shops and cafes.

8. re-order

a) When looking at this example, it is evident that responsible steps by producers

b) For example, McDonald packs their burgers in a paper wrap then put it in a cardboard container and then hand it to customers in a paper bag. Instead, if they only put it in a box, it will reduce the price of the burger.

c) Over-packaging often shoots up the product’s price significantly.

d) to cut down on excess packaging expense is not only plausible but also mutually beneficial.

e) Therefore, less packaging will automatically pull the rate downwards.

9. re-order

a) I will, in any case, urge that each year we spend a whole month together so that you see that you have a father who is fond of you and who loves you.

b) You can also learn many good and beautiful things from me, something another cannot as easily offer you.

c) What I have achieved through such a lot of strenuous work shall not only be there for strangers but especially for my own boys.

d) You told me when I was in Zurich, that it is awkward for you when I come to Zurich.

e) Therefore I think it is better if we get together in a different place, where nobody will interfere with our comfort.

f) Yesterday I received your dear letter and was very happy with it. I was already afraid you wouldn’t write to me at all any more.

10. re-order

a) which established special relativity, the existence of atoms, and the photoelectric effect.

b) Thus, he established his name in the field (and the history books), and by 1908 he was pretty darned famous in the physics community.

c) By the end of 1905, he had published four seminal papers,


1.) c b e a d

2.) d e a g f b c

3.) c d a e b

4.) c a d b

5.) d b c a

6.) c b d a e

7.) d e c a b

8.) c e b a d

9.) f d e a b c

10.) a c b

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