PTE Reading Task 2, PTE Re-order paragraphs practice 1 with answers

PTE Reading Task 2, PTE Re-order paragraphs practice 1 with answers

What is reading task 2, PTE Re-order paragraphs(Reading Task)

You will be tested on your Reading, vocabulary basis. One item type in this part of a test also assesses writing skill. Reading Task  2 is definitely a Re-order Paragraphs.

For this item type, you need to restore the original order of the text by selecting text boxes and dragging them across the screen.

There are two ways you can move the text:

  1. Left-click on a box to select it (it will be outlined in blue), hold the left mouse button down and drag it to the desired location.
  2. Left-click on a box to select it, and then left-click on the left and right arrow buttons to move it across. On the right panel, you can also use the up and down arrow buttons to re-order the boxes.

To deselect a box, left-click elsewhere on the screen.

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 PTE Re-order paragraphs practice with answers

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Norbert Elias

a) The sites lists not only his published and articles but also manuscripts and oral communications, in a variety of media and including reprints and translations.

b) This site contains a  comprehensive listing of the works of Norbert Elias, a German sociologist.

c) The material has been catalogued, cross-referenced and organized by date.

d) There is, however, no search facility.

Answers:- b a c d


2) Happy HOme

a) It also gives him something worthwhile to live for.

b) If he fails, it may have been due to troubles in his home, his school or unsympathetic and hostile relative.

c) The finest asset any child can have is a happy home.

d) If he exhibits good judgment in later years, much of the credit must go to those who trained him.

e) Such environment will enable him to develop strength and stability of character thereby teaching him to face the future without fear or undue anxiety.

Answers: c e a b d


3) Computer Users

a) Thus begins the search for relief painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs, even surgery.

b) Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder.

c) They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change.

d) But cures are elusive because repetitive stress injuries present a bag of pills that often defy easy diagnosis.

Answers: b c a d


4) Bankrupt


b) If the small companies go bankrupt, they don’t have the ability to payback. The government will need to help them clean up.

c) If a big company go bankrupt, the government have to help clean up the mess as well.

d) Both ways, governments need to help to clean up.

Answers: above is the correct order.


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