Reorder Paragraphs characters and inspiration practice 11

Reorder Paragraphs characters and inspiration practice 11

Reorder Paragraphs characters and inspiration practice 11

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Characters and Inspiration

a) The characters and inspiration are all derived from faith.

b) Religion and spirituality are themes that never go out of style and we have seen that since the past two decades.

c) Milani shuffles between London and Mumbai most of the time and he says that spiritual tattoos remain popular since he has started working.

d) While the designs can change in terms of style and theme.

Answers: c b d a


2. Industry growth

a) With the vast economic gap that is found in India, this factor has allowed film to become an art form for the people, not just for the upper class.

b) There are many factors for this ongoing growth, one of them being the affordability of cinema in the country.

c) Since these early beginnings India’s film industry has continued to flourish, growing in popularity, size and reach.

d)From the early days onwards, India cinema venues have made films accessible to the wider public, providing cheap admission, with convenient extras being sold as buyable additions, not inbuilt in the price.


Answers- c b d a


3. Poem Padmavati

a) A war enused between the two kingdoms, eventually ending in Ratan Sen’s death.

b) She was won over by Ratan Sen, the Rajput ruler of Chittor in present day Rajasthan.

c) The poem describes Padmavati as a beautiful princess from a kingdom in Sri Lanka.

d) The fame of her beauty had spread far and wide and even the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khalji wanted to take Padmavati as his bride.

e) Before Aladdin could get to her, Padmavati, along with other women of Chittor, had committed jauhar or self-immolation.

Answers:- c b d a e

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