Reorder paragraphs soil-bound peasants 33

Reorder paragraphs soil-bound peasants 33

Reorder paragraphs soil-bound peasants 33

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. re-order

a) However, for most of the soil-bound peasants, the problem is not whether to be normally passive or active, but when to pass from one state to another.

b) In areas where there are no lords or laws, or in frontier zones where all men go armed, the attitude of the peasantry may well be different.

c.) This depends on an assessment of the political situation.

d) Passivity is not, of course, universal.

e) So indeed it may be on the fringe of the unsubmissive.

Answers: d b e a c

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2. re-order

a) He spent days and weeks and months in his bed either eating something or sleeping.

b) He almost became inactive, The king became a potato couch and the people started to worry about the king.

c) Because the king was too lazy and would not do anything other than eating and sleeping.

d) Once upon a time, there lived a generous and kind-hearted king.

e) But, the people weren’t happy with their king.

Answers: d e c a b


3. re-order

a) The meaning of the word happiness changes with growing years, for child happiness, has a magical quality.

b) Turning to adults, ask any adult what he means by happiness and you will find a puzzled face for a moment.

c) In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes to enjoyment and pleasure.

d) But I think a better definition of happiness is the capacity for enjoyment.

e) Leave the puzzled face and refer a dictionary it defines happy as ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’.

Answers:- a c b e d


4. re-order

a) Four days later, Oracle announced its own bid for PeopleSoft and invited the firm’s board to a discussion.

b) Furious that his own plans had been endangered, PeopleSoft’s boos, Craig Conway, called Oracle’s offer “diabolical”, and its boss, Larry Ellison, a “sociopath.”

c) In early, June, PeopleSoft said that it would buy J.D. Edwards, a smaller rival.

d) Moreover, said Mr. Conway, “he could imagine no price nor combination of price and other conditions to recommend accepting the offer.”

e) On June 12th PeopleSoft turned Oracle down.

Answers:- c a b d e

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5. re-order

a) To avoid this, the QWERTY layout put the keys most likely to be hit in rapid succession on opposite sides. This made the keyboard slow, the story goes, but that was the idea.

b) A different layout, which had been patented by August Dvorak in 1936, was shown to be much faster.

c) The QWERTY design (patented by Christopher Sholes in 1868 and sold to Remington in 1873) aimed to solve a mechanical problem of early typewriters.

d) Yet the Dvorak layout has never widely adopted, even though (with electric typewriters and then PCs) the anti-jamming rationale for QWERTY has been defunct for years.

e) When certain combinations of keys were struck quickly, the type bars often jammed.

Answers: c e a b d

6. re-order

a) Electronic transactions are happening in closed group networks and Intenet. Electronic commerce is one of the most important aspects of the Internet to emerge.

b) Cash transactions offer both privacy and anonymity as it does not contain information that can be used to identify the parties nor the transaction history.

c) To support e-commerce, we need effective payment systems and secure communication channels and data integrity.

d) The whole structure of traditional money is built on faith and so will electronic money have to be.

e) Moreover, money is worth it is because we have come to accept it.

Answers:- b e d a c

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