Repeat Sentence Speaking practice material 88 to 99

Repeat Sentence Speaking practice material 88 to 99

In this task, you will hear a short sentence of approx. 8 to 14 words. You have to repeat these sentences as it is once the recording time starts. You have to speak it fluently, with proper pronunciation. This task hasn’t any preparation time. So, you have to speak immediately as you hear the sentence. Moreover, You can listen the sentence only once. But, Here are some Repeat sentences for practice purpose. Also, the answers of these Repeat sentences are given below these audio clips. Repeat Sentence Speaking practice material 88 to 99













Repeat Sentence Speaking practice material 88 to 99


You will get approx. 8 to 10 sentences. First 4 or 5 will be easy. But the rest will quite tough. So, you have prepare yourself for any kind of situation. Repeat sentence is a task of Speaking. But it also has marks of Listening. It has 12 marks of speaking and 20 marks of Listening. Moreover, it is important task. If you have an intention to get more than 79+ in each section. Then you have to prepare yourself perfectly in this task.

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