scholars at home have more knowledge than who travels? 96

scholars at home have more knowledge than who travels? 96

scholars at home have more knowledge than who travels? 96

study a full range of subjects, instead of some specific subjects 95

Is travel a necessary component of education? Will scholars sitting at home have more knowledge than the one who travels?

It becomes a controversial topic that whether traveling is a necessary part of education or a scholar sitting at home have more knowledge, nowadays. It has both positive and negative aspects. Many people believe that people who travel more have immense knowledge while others argue that having a knowledge about anything is not related to traveling at any phase. I firmly believe that traveling is a constitutive part of education. Travelling gives us first-hand knowledge. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

Initially, to begin with, education is incomplete without traveling. Traveling gives unforeseen experiences and helps to increase knowledge by exploring the world. Whatever we read in books that is not complete knowledge, while whatever we see gives us full knowledge. For instance, to be taken, we read about civilizations, forts, tombs, etc. But if we see that all with our own eyes and observe then we will never forget that and will get to know everything that is not in books also. It is apparent how traveling is helpful to broaden the thinking level.

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Secondly, there’s no doubt in saying that reading always helps to increase our knowledge about a particular subject that we always use to read. But the real knowledge comes only when we become socialize or start to observe places related to different sites, people, etc. In addition, as we know, things we see in our lives, we never forget about. So, we should visit historical places instead of reading about them in books.

To conclude, Traveling is an important and integral part of education and the advantages of traveling are too high to ignore.

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