school interviews

school interviews Speaking task practice Read aloud 20

school interviews Speaking task practice Read aloud 20

101. Read aloud

The Italian alphabet has fewer letters in comparison with the English alphabet. Italian does not use the letters J. K, W, X or Y – except in borrowed words. However, young Italians are increasingly using the letter Kin words that.

102. Read aloud

Summer hill School was regarded with considerable suspicion by the educational establishment. Lessons were optional for pupils at the school, and the government of the school was carried out by a School Council, of which all the pupils and staff were members, with everyone having equal voting rights.

103. Read aloud

This term the University is running a series of workshops for final year students on how to do well in interviews. These sessions will help participants prepare effectively for – and perform at their best during – later job interviews. The workshop tutors have an excellent record of success in helping students acquire the positions they desire.

104. Read aloud

Tasmania is a large and relatively sparsely populated island off the south coast of Australia. The island is of particular interest to natural scientists, who go there to research the unique wildlife. Tasmania has, for example, twelve species of bird that are not found anywhere else in the world.

105. Read aloud

Honey has traditionally been credited with significant medical powers, and it has played a major part in many folk remedies. But it seems now its efficacy is not just an old wives’ tale. Recent research has shown there is scientific evidence to prove that honey contains elements that prevent bacteria from growing.

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