Shakespeare Botanic gardens DNA RNA Read aloud practice test 6

Shakespeare Botanic gardens DNA RNA Read aloud practice test 6

Shakespeare Botanic gardens DNA RNA Read aloud practice test 6

31. Read aloud

A young man from a small provincial town – a man without independent wealth, without powerful family connection and without a university education – moved to London in the late 11580’s and, in a remarkably short time, became the greatest playwright not of his age alone but of all time. How did Shakespeare become Shakespeare?

32. Read aloud

Botanic gardens are scientific and cultural institutions established to collect, study, exchange and display plants for research and for the education and enjoyment of the public. There are major Botanic gardens in each capital city. Zoological parks and aquariums are primarily engaged in the breeding, preservation, study and display of native and exotic fauna in captivity.

33. Read aloud

Although introvert and extrovert personality types differ from one another on various grounds, the major difference between the two is their source of rejuvenation. While for extroverts, this may mean interaction or excursions with friends and family, the same may mean reading a book or listening to music for introverts.

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In the fast-changing world of modern healthcare, the job of a doctor is more and more like the job of a chief executive. The people who run hospitals and physicians’ practices don’t just need to know medicine. They must also be able to balance budgets, motivate a large and diverse staff and make difficult marketing and legal decisions.

35. Read aloud

All cells share some common characteristics that make them living things. All organisms are composed of cells, the basic fundamental unit of life. They contain DNA as a heritable genetic material, and they can reproduce. They transcribe DNA into RNA and translate RNA into proteins on chromosomes. They can also regulate transport across a cell membrane and require chemical energy for some cellular processes.

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