Should government build more roads to allow more vehicles

Should government build more roads to allow more vehicles 64

Should government build more roads to allow more vehicles

There is no gainsaying the fact that the government had better constructed more roads because it is need of the hour. With each passing day traffic congestion escalating to peak level. To reduce these snares more and wider roads are an utmost necessity. So from my side, the government erected new roads. Upcoming paragraphs have such a point which give many reasons why government build new roads.

To begin with, Constructing more and wider roads is the most effective method for decreasing traffic jams. Secondly, it comes in immensely handy for the government because it does not cost dearer. The remaining money can be used for other purposes such as education, health and so on. Apart from these, nowadays, vehicle especially cars has become a status symbol in many countries. So, it seems less likely that people will stop buying a private vehicle in the future. Given the rising number of the vehicle, wider and broader roads are the need of the hour. Moreover, it will play a key role in reducing traveling time also.

Should government build more roads to allow more vehicles

Moving further, if government erect more roads, it leads to slippage in road accidents. Most of the road accidents are only happened because of many vehicles on the road to reach their destination. Nowadays, people drive very fast and in crowded areas accidents may occur. If roads constructed, people reach timely and safely to their destination. Additionally, more roads help in future because of increases in the vehicle due to the burgeoning population.

On the other hand, nowadays, traffic congestion is increasing. So, spending on building more roads is because of more usage of the vehicle. Nowadays, we can say there are lots of roads everywhere but the condition of the roads is not seen good. While it is not the only responsibility of the government to build the roads but it is a public responsibility. Therefore, people shouldn’t use a private vehicle for short distances so that traffic jams can be reduced.

To conclude, the above-mentioned information makes it clear that more roads have multi furious benefits. So, the government had better erected new roads.

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