Should video games and music be offered by the universities

Should video games and music be offered by the universities 67

Should video games and music be offered by the universities

In this modern world, it becomes a controversial topic that music and video games should or should not be offered by Universities. Some people believe that it helps the children to boost up their interest while others think it deviates students from their path. I firmly believe that it wanders children instead of boosting their attention at all. I will elaborate my views in the forthcoming paragraphs so that we lead to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, Video games and music is part of the entertainment only, not study in any way. It can only divert the focus of students instead of helping them to increase their interest. For instance, music videos and video games both promote violence and brutality, nowadays. Thus, it can easily influence the mind of children and make them more aggressive, day by day. Hence, it should avoid allowing entertaining media in Universities.

On the contrary, people who hold an opposing view usually say that it is necessary for children to be technological in this era. So, schools should provide video games for children. Moreover, music helps pupils to raise their interest because sometimes it becomes tedious for children after studying continuously the same subjects. To exemplify, research shows that there is an enormous increase in the enforcement of kids who study music and video games heads.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can concede that video games and music should be avoided in universities and schools because it only diverts children in the right way.

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