Significant of formal written assessment in today's world 80

Significant of formal written assessment in today’s world 80

Significant of formal written assessment in today’s world to evaluate children’s performance 80

It is indubitable that exams are the inevitable part of a students life. Writing is the only way to know your knowledge. Many people believe that exams evaluate the knowledge or writing skills of a student while others argue that no exam should be there or if reviews are there then only once in a year. In my opinion, exams increase the knowledge of students, and it is best for self-analysis. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs and lead to a plausible conclusion.

There are myriad benefits of formal written assessment. Firstly, through exams students get to know what they actually know and what they have already learned. Secondly, it boosts up their confidence too about the knowledge they have. For instance, when we know that would come in the exam, students like ‘Yeah, I know this already.’ And it helps in developing one’s personality and increases the confidence level of a student. Hence, it is apparent why formal written assessment in today’s world to evaluate children’s performance.

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However, some students feel pressurized during exams, and that leads to disinterest in the study. It also leads to doing cheating while reviews to get higher score in any way. To cite an example, competitive traits during the examination, it also creates some problems like ruined friendship to get a higher score than others. So, it is clear why it should not be promoted in this era highly.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can say that written examination has both positive and negative externalities, but it depends on how a person deals with them. And written test brings good scholarships and rewards also. In a nutshell, we can conclude that give exam with proper preparation for your bright future and not for creating unnecessary burdens.

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