Soccer Players exercise Reorder paragraphs 19

Soccer Players exercise Reorder paragraphs 19

Soccer Players exercise Reorder paragraphs 19

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Soccer players

a) Occasional intakes (about 3g) before games and/or extenuating practices could also give a physical and mental boost to the players.

b) A lower dosage (less than 3g/day) might also be sufficient and benefecial during the season in case of fatigue, in order to sustain adequate levels of phosphocreatine and glycone in the muscles.

c) Soccer players could take creatine during pre-season training (3 to 5g/day) in order to help them endure a high-intensity training regimen and enhance their muscular strength and adaptation resulting from strength and /or resistance training.

Answers:- c b a


2. Role of LC

a) However, research on the antioxidant role of LC in the field of exercise science and sports nutrition is currently insufficient.

b) Results from a recent study suggested that LC consumption was advantageous in inhibiting oxidative stress and activating endogenous antioxidant activity through its role as an antioxidant.

c) Lc is an endogenous substance that is necessary for the b-oxidation of fatty acids, and has mainly been studied in the field of sports nutrition because of its glycogen sparing effect.

d) LC achieve this effect by promoting inhibition of glycolysis, increasing fatty acid metabolism, and acting as an ergogenic aid to delay fatigue and improve physical performance.

Answers- c d b a

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3. Participation in sports

a) Participation in sport and frequent sport are associated with men, younger people, not married and without children under – 2 years, nonsmokers and regular drinkers and with good perceived health.

b) However, participation in sport and frequency of sport participation are associated with different levels of perception of the benefits of sport activity.

c) The aim of this research is to analyze the correlates of adults’ participation in sport and frequency of sport.

d) A hurdle model approach comprising a binary choice regression to model participation in sport and a count model to address frequency of sport was applied to analyze the data obtained from 516 personal interviews in a Portuguese city.

Answers- c d  a b

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