Speaking answer short questions PTE with answer 1

Speaking answer short questions PTE with answer 1

Speaking answer short questions PTE with answer 1

Answer short questions Marks system

Speaking score- Answer short question task awards you score of speaking if you give the correct answer of what you hear. It awards you 1 score for each right answer and has totally 10 marks of Speaking because of coming 10 questions in exam.

Listening Score- Answer short question also awards you 6 marks of listening which you can get easily whether you know the right answer or not. The reason behind it is that Answer short question does not check that your answer is right or not. It mainly check that you understand the question or not. So, in order to get full marks of listening from it, you just have to speak anything if you don’t know how the answer is. It will show that you exactly understand the question what you don’t know what the right answer of it because you do not have much general knowledge but have well listening skills. In this case, they will cut your speaking marks but they will definitely give you full marks of Listening.

Here was the PTE Answer short question tips Answer short question scores. I hope it will be beneficial for you. Please write down your feedback in the comment section. If you have any question, please write it down in the comment section too. We will be there for you shortly. Thank you.

Speaking answer short questions

1. What do we call the thing of 88 keys covered by color white and black? Piano
2. What kind of book we can find African maps? Atlas
3. What is the ocean on the West of America? The Pacific ocean
4. Where you can see the Whale? Ocean sea
5. How many days are in a week? seven
6. What kind of liquid do mammals feed their babies? milk
7. Which is more fuel efficient ? Car or truck? car
8. Which category does a novel fit in, a book or a printer? book
9. How would you call people who study ancient bones, rocks and plants? archaeological
10. What do ornithologists study, human , birds or machines? birds
11. What is the joint between your shoulder and your foreman? elbow
12. What color is the medal if you win the competition? Gold
13. Which natural material is used to make of tyre? rubber
14. What can’t you do after drinking? driving
15. How many countries are involved in a natural agreement?

Speaking answer short questions

16. If a figure is pentagon how many sides does it have ? five
17. IF something such as fabric or medicine is artificially made, what do we say it is? synthetic
18. Pedestrians travel by what? by foot
19. What do you call the strap that circulates person in a car or airplane? seat belt
20. When you get lost in city, what do you need? map
21. Which one is quicker? Running, walking or jogging running
22. What do you call a person who make a living by serving people food? cook
23. In mathematics and arithmetic, there are addition, multiplication, division. What is the other one? subtraction
24. If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball in a jar and one randomly pick one which color is mostly likely to be picked? black

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