What is speaking task, Tricks to scored on speaking

What is speaking task, Tricks to scored on speaking

What is speaking task??

Speaking task is the first part of the test and no doubts, people tend to some struggle. But dear students, don’t worry about this because as you learn the techniques and tricks presented below with enough practice. You will definitely be able to make your way.

Speaking task

 What is speaking task?

Understand what is testing ??

As you will be in a country where English is a non-native language, the speaking section judges how well you can converse with others. In other words, we can say it simply judges what you say should be understood by the person.

 PTE Academic Score Requirements

Tricks to score better on speaking

The parameters of pronunciation and oral fluency together have more weightage compared to content. So, these are two main areas that require our focus in terms of improvement. Now, we are discussing pronunciation and oral fluency.


Tricks to score better on speaking


Pronunciation and Oral Fluency

Here we note proper tricks to improve our pronunciation and our fluency:-

  1. Use hand movements:- Using hand movements, gestures while speaking can improve the tone of the voice and gives us a sense of purpose to it. Research also suggests that gesturing while you talk may improve your access to language.
  2. Open your mouth more:- Another trick to improve your pronunciation is to open your mouth widely and fully while speaking. English has a lot of sounds when the jaw is too tight, and the mouth is not far enough, the sound will not easily hear, and it will get as silence or soften the sound.
  3. Avoid speaking too slow:- Your ‘Rate of speech’ or fluency is the major point which counts while speaking section. Speaking too slow indicates that English is not native language and you have trouble putting together sentences. Some people focus only on the words, that they speak clearly. But do not make this mistake. You should have fluency and speak as clearly as you can do this.
  4. Read Aloud every day:- Daily read the English newspaper, books or anything you read and read it aloud instead of in your head. Rather you can do this exercise while listening to audiobooks, podcasts or videos with English by pausing and then pronunciation.
  5. Listen to yourself:- Often, we actually sound and how we think the sound is different. During practice, take the recording of yourself may be on your cellphone recorders. Listen to the recording once you are done, and take note of any words of phases you could have done better.
  6. Speak to others in English:- This is the easiest and effective way to learn. You should try to speak with your friends’ colleagues in English. This will definitely help to improve your English as well as boost your confidence.


Go in front of the mirror and keep at least a thumb width distance between your teeth while talking on the stressed vowels sounds (far, today, around, etc) Practice saying single words in the beginning. Then move on to full sentences. Make sure you practice is in the format of the mirror. So you can actually see how far your mouth is opening carry this practice into all of the speaking sections. while doing the above, also practice the hand movements mentioned.


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