Sports and games career Reorder Paragraphs 21

Sports and games career Reorder Paragraphs 21

Sports and games career Reorder Paragraphs 21

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Sports and Games

a) It is a multi-beneficial field which nourishes a person with name, fame, money and fitness.

b) People, who involved int the sports and games activities, generally become healthy and fit all through their life.

c) Sports and games is a field with bright career and interesting moments.

d) This, it is good for youths who are interested in this field and want to make their solid career.

Answers:- c d b a


2. Games of India

a) Other famous games in India are badminton, hockey, football, etc.

b) Cricket is also played by the players at national and international level with much interest but it does not have its origin in India.

C) There are various sports and games which are played at both national and international level such as basket ball, football, tennis, cricket, volleyball, hockey, squash, badminton, table tennis,kabaddi, polo, and so many.

d) Though, some of the sports and games are played in many countries however they are unique, particular and famous espetially for one country such as kabaddi, chess and snooker were originated in India and played with much interest.

Answers- c d a b

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3. Benefits of games

a) It fills with zeal and lot of excitement to both, players and spectators to the suspense and unexpected turns available in sports and games.

b) Being involved in sports and games, whether to make career or only for an hour a day, improve confidence, boost personality and provide a good deal of excitement and entertainment in the life.

c) Playing games and sports gives various nice results with combo pack of exercise and excitement.

d) Some of the people play it for their interest to get fit and healthy whereas some people play it to make their career in this field.

Answers: c d b a

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