Study and employment should distract from one another 62

Study and employment should distract from one another 61

Study and employment should distract from one another 61

In today’s era, education and working is utmost necessity in our life. Both thinks depend on each other without. like without education, employment is nothing. This essay shed light on the points that how study and employment depends. And also describes that education and employment distract from one another and will lead a plausible conclusion.

First and foremost fact is how education based on work, nowadays.  Students are worked as well as doing education, just to complete their desires and also to pay the school fees, tuition fees by own. Employment never distract a person from study. On the contrary, it helps a student and broaden the horizons of their knowledge in the field of education. For instance, In India, it becomes a trend that students who are studying, those are also doing part time jobs to make themselves independent.

Study and employment should distract from one another 62

Furthermore, we all know nowadays, education is only important because it helps the students to earn something in future and get job in good field. In the contemporary era, if a person have good knowledge have more green postures than a person with little knowledge in employment field. Beside this, electronic gadgets that we use in our daily life or in employment, are also learned with the help of education. So, study and employment depends on each other and makes a person perfect in life.

On the other hand, every two arguments have two sides like if study and employment have advantages if they are together. They also have drawbacks such as pupil can not give their full attention on study or their work if they study. And They always pancaking to complete their work contrarily on work. They will worried about their education which leads to stress on the mind of them. And they will never get relaxation in their life and becomes monotonous.

To conclude, the above mentioned information make it clear that education and work should not distract one another. Actually this is beneficial for a person.

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