Studying Films at school PTE essay 78

Studying Films at school PTE essay 78

Studying Films at school PTE essay 78

It is an irrefutable fact that old theatre, films play a vital role in our life. While proponents are considering it as undeniable fact to know about the ancient culture. Opponents perceive that these plays take away us from modern civilization and plays. In my opinion, it has both positive and negative aspects of our life. This essay will discuss both the merits and demerits of this approach and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

On the positive side, firstly, old theatre films play a crucial role in saving rituals and heritage. Thus, if students learn these films in schools, they can get a lot of information about our ancient culture, beliefs, ancestors and thier living style as well. Secondly, these are the medium to pass our ancient rites to the next generation. To cite an example, nowadays, olden theatre movies maintained a prominent place in high school’s and university’s subjects, so that students can learn about their ancestors. It is apparent why learning plays and theatres at school are beneficial.

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On the negative side, although these plays hold our history and give us a lot of information about old times, sometimes it misguides our youth. For instance, in numbers of older shows, our ancestor’s conservative thinking regarding women is presented. At this point, sometimes children usually got the wrong message, partially it creates anxiety or deviates them against our ancestors. Somewhat they follow the same behavior like giving less importance to the women and behaves like throughout life. So, this is clear that it has numerous negative impacts on our society.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can say, “Every rose has its thorns”. So, it has both negative externalities with positive aspects. In a nutshell, we can concede that it is upto us how we take it and learn useful things from these films.

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Studying Films at school PTE essay 78

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