success lies in spending quality time with family friends 94

success lies in spending quality time with family friends 94

success lies in spending quality time with family friends 94

Some people feel that success lies in achieving professional and economic targets, while others say that success lies in spending quality time with family and friends.

Time is, and its utilization is the critical factor in this in the modern era. There are two mindsets of people. Some people believe that career is significant than family while others who refute this theory perceive that spending quality time with family and friends should on priority than work and career. I firmly believe that people should have the maturity to manage it. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, the people who give priority to work and career tend to believe that their success or improvement will directly reflect positively to their family’s lifestyle. For instance, a man who has a good job and earning can support his family in a much better way than a person who is making less amount of money. Consequently, the family will adjust the timing factor as they are enjoying the life with all the facilities with having in mind that whatever a person is doing is fruitful for family only.

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Now if we see another side of the story where people takes their work as their priority that will affect the mental and social behavior for the families and friends negatively. They will feel neglected and suffer from conditions like depression. It is illustrated in research in the UK that the children whose parents are more involved in their life live a happier and healthier life than children’s without parents or if their parents are unable to give them enough time.

To recapitulate, both the sides have their priorities and values, and both can’t be avoided. People have to make a balance between their professional and personal life and become successful in both relations.

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