Wright Brothers and Flight Writing task Summary Text 29

Wright Brothers and Flight Writing task Summary Text 29

Wright Brothers and Flight Writing task Summary Text 29

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Wright Brothers and Flight

Wright brothers and flight A Smash PTE note: Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact passages on the Internet, but below are my memories which are very close the meaning of the real test question.

The Wrights dated the origin of their interest in flight to 1878, when their father had presented them with a toy helicopter. News accounts of the death of the German gliding pioneer Otto Lilienthal in an August 1896 glider crash reawakened their interest and led to a search for trustworthy information on aeronautics.

There are three important elements in designing an aircraft. The first two are wings and structure, which have been well developed. It is a control system that Wright brothers have realized that is essential to achieve a successful flight. But such formidable problem has been solved and makes them a breakthrough.

Wright brothers are flying around the Statue of Liberty then up the Hudson River to Grant’s Tomb and back. Over a million Americans see this fly and they became the celebrity


Although Wright brothers had a successful business of making and selling bicycles, their curiosity later led them to designing and building a series of gliders for testing ideas on a flying machine which ultimately solved the “flying problem”, and for this to achieve, they constructed a wind tunnel which allowed them to test designs without the need to build full-scale model as well as a gasoline-powered motor for their aircraft. (70 words)

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