Sustained winds PTE reorder paragraphs reading 40

Sustained winds PTE reorder paragraphs reading 40

Sustained winds PTE reorder paragraphs reading 40

The text boxes below have been placed in random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

The furniture that went mad PTE read aloud 50

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. re-order

a) This storm has sustained winds of 210km/h and is due to make landfall at about midday.

b) Hurricane Katrina has been upgraded to an “extremely dangerous” category 4storm, hours before it is due to make landfall in Florida.

c) At least 13 out of the evacuated ones found reportedly died in Central America over the weekend as a result of storm rains and floods.

d) More than 370,000 people have been ordered to evacuate and move to higher ground.

Answers:  b a d c

remote worlds reorder paragraphs frequently asked 39

2. re-order

a) The flight from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Newark’s international airport in New Jersey will be taking off amid much fanfare and with barely a seat to spare.

b) Qantas launched a 17-hour non-stop service from Perth to London earlier this year too, while Qatar runs a 17.5-hour service between Auckland and Doha.

d) It will cover more than 15,000 km and is scheduled to take just under 19 hours.

d) The battle to offer the world’s longest non-stop flight steps up a gear next month when a new Malaysia-to-New York service takes off.

Answers: d a c b


3. re-order

a) These events take place throughout the 7days leading up to and following the World Osteoporosis Day.

b) Every year, World Osteoporosis Day involves campaigns by national osteoporosis patient societies from around the world with activities in over 90 countries.

c) The aim of this week is to promote worldwide awareness of osteoporosis and fragility fractures.

d) It also encourages individuals to recognize symptoms, risk factors and primary causes, including fractures, and to seek bone density testing and treatment if required.

e) It can also be referred to World Osteoporosis Week, in the world.

Answers:- b a e c d


4. re-order

a) Airlines make use of aircraft to deliver these services and may form alliances with other airlines.

b) Airline firm offers air transport services for journeying passengers and freight.

c) The largest airline at present is American Airlines Association.

d) Generally, airline companies are additionally acknowledged with an operating certificate or license granted by a legislative aviation body.

e) It differs in size, from small domestic airlines to full-service intercontinental airlines.

Answers:- b a d e c


5. re-order

a) Numerous people possess several jobs, for instance, those of caregiver, homemaker, and worker.

b) Last but not least, the sequence of jobs one holds in their life is their career.

c) However, if an individual is skilled for a specific kind of job, they could possibly have a profession.

d) It is the goings on, generally typical and carried out in exchange for earnings or payments.

e) A person’s job specifies their function in the social order.

Answers:- e d a c b

6. re-order

a) An unpaid or paid individual who assists another individual with an impairment and with his or her activities of everyday living is a Caregiver.

b) It is most usually drawn on to address impairments related to elder age, disability, a disease, or a psychological disorder.

c) With the progressively more aging populace in all developed societies, the job of a caregiver has been increasingly known as a significant one.

d) Any person with health impairment may use the caregiving services to address their difficulties.

Answers:- a d c b

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