Tourism has disadvantages in underdeveloped countries 97

Tourism has disadvantages in underdeveloped countries 97

Tourism has disadvantages in underdeveloped countries 97

In underdeveloped countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said the opposite as well.

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Tourism has become a fashion nowadays. People who like to roam around the world are enjoying this trend. Some people believe that tourism is helpful in the development of any country while others perceive that it consists of negative externalities. But according to the rule, everything in this world has both pros and cons. As per my opinion for underdeveloped countries, tourism can be a boon if appropriately managed. In this essay, we will discuss tourism in underdeveloped countries and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

Firstly, tourism brings a lot of benefits in underdeveloped countries because they can earn from tourism and can spend that money to improve their infrastructure to attract more tourism. Its a significant advantage to enhance any country’s economy. For instance, tourism boosts the business of hotels, restaurants and other local business. Hence, there will be more job opportunities for local people who couldn’t complete their education and are unemployed. So, it is apparent how tourism is beneficial for underdeveloped countries.

On the other hand, tourism has some disadvantages also. Tourism increases the need for essential commodities for the tourists on public places like, filtered water, communication means etc. which increases the burden on government of that particular country. To cite an example, people exchange the culture during tourism, it can cause the loss of the traditional culture of any state. It is clear how it can negatively affect the countries, especially which are underdeveloped.

To conclude, we can say that tourism can result in a likely change in underdeveloped countries if they expand their tourism infrastructure. It will help them grow economically and socially.

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