university students should study a full range of subjects Essay 20

university students should study a full range of subjects Essay 20

university students should study a full range of subjects Essay 20

Essay 20

It is argued that university students should study a full range of subjects, instead of some specific subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The idea of teaching university students only a few subjects is widely debated, with many academics claiming that only when the curriculum entails a large array of subjects, are youngsters likely to be well prepared for future challenges. In my opinion, this proposal merits serious consideration.

To begin with, one of the most predominant aspects of studying a variety of subjects at university is that it will instill in youngsters a wealth of cognizance (knowledge/awareness) and expertise in numerous fields. Not only will this vast knowledge make the young more capable to cope with any challenge their work is likely to entail, but it will also help them excel in their career, thus making them preponderant in this competitive job market. A bank clerk, for instance, is required to possess a number of skills, from the fields of finance and accounting to other relevant areas such as management and communication. Apparently, employees having colossal (extremely large/massive/huge) knowledge in myriad fields are more likely to thrive and remain ahead of their counterparts who have limited exposure in different spheres.

However, there are some pitfalls that can easily overwhelm the potential benefits of studying a large range of subjects at university. The primary concern stems (be caused by / originate in / arise from) from the fact that students will not attain an in-depth knowledge on a particular stream, while learners of a certain subject will specialize in their own field. Apparently, the likelihood of the latter’s excellence in the given subjects will increase, making them stand out. The society will also benefit from their expertise enormously.

From what has been discussed, one can conclude that the benefits of studying certain relevant subjects at university offers may seem warranted, to some extent. Nevertheless, the role of different subjects’ play in making a youth consummate as well as in helping them match the needs of a fast-changing and competitive society is instrumental (active, influential, contributory ) indeed.

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