Are zoos helping or hurting our animal's essay Are zoos helping or hurting our animals essay 93

Are zoos helping or hurting our animals essay 93

Are zoos helping or hurting our animals essay 93

The claim that animal has rights has been the subject of much debate since 1970. Are zoos helping or hurting our animals? Should zoos be banned? Do you agree or disagree?

Animal conservation in the zoos becomes a controversial topic nowadays. Some people feel that keeping animals in captivity is a sin because they do not get the natural environment and are dependent on humans for their physical activities also while others perceive that it is necessary for conserving animals, educate people and support for further wildlife researchers. I firmly believe that people should take care of it. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

There are numerous arguments in favor of my opinion. In zoos, animals live in a limited space, whether they are made to live in an open environment like forests. Many animals are suffering from stress and boredom due to confinement. Since captive animals have no control over their unnatural environment, many face deterioration in their physical and mental health. We should start to exhibit abnormal behaviors in captivity, such as circling, bar biting, and vomiting, etc. According to a study, animals in captivity do not live as long as in the wild or natural environment. Even under the best circumstances at the best of the zoo, but captivity cannot begin to replicate wild animals habitat. In a study of PETA (people for the ethical treatment of the animals), they found an African elephant in captivity lives on average 16.9 years wherein wild. He lives on average, 56 years.

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On the contrary, animals in the zoo are safe from poachers or any diseases in the open environment. Zoos help children who want to know about animals. They can see animals. Personally, that would be a truly fantastic experience for the children.

After summarising all the arguments, while the zoo’s serve a function in educating and entertaining people, they also have so many disadvantages related to the lives of animals. This is not fair to sacrifice the animal lives for our entertainment purpose.

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